Initial visit 45min - 55€
Follow-up 45min - 45€

During the initial physiotherapy appointment, physiotherapist will assess the health issue through a combination of a detailed history and physical testing. The aim is to determine the root cause of the complaint. An education on the condition is given so that the client would have knowledge to avoid future issues. Following full explanation, a client-focused and goal-oriented physiotherapy treatment plan will be developed.

Treatment may include any combination of the following management methods:

  • manual therapy (joint mobilizations/manipulations, soft tissue therapy)
  • individual exercise prescription
  • massage
  • sports and kinesio taping
  • dry needling, etc.

Following physiotherapy appointments are recommended to monitor the treatment effects and adjust management methods if needed. Regular supervision helps to ensure that more effective outcomes can be achieved.

How many physiotherapy sessions are needed?

The amount of the appointments depends on your health issue and personal goals. After the initial assessment, recommendations on the amount and frequency of the treatments could be given.

Physiotherapy in Tallinn